On the Active Rock Chart (Sort of)

Back in November of last year, my version of “She’s Not There” charted at 438 on MediaBase’s Active Rock Chart for one day. Queensryche’s “Redemption” was only at 501. MediaBase’s charts are published in USA Today as well as other places. Usually charts are published weekly and only the top 100 (or 40) are listed. I wasn’t on the published chart because I was too far down the list and only managed to stay on it for one day. Still, it’s kind of neat that I managed to get on there at all. :)

Those of you who are subscribed to my newsletter already knew about that. What you didn’t know is that it happened again! On February 4, 2014 my recording of “She’s Not There” was ranked at 594. The Foo Fighters “Arlandria” was ranked at 603 on the same chart. Woot! :)


I managed to get the layout of the site and the pages set back up. It only took me three days! :) I’ve also managed to add a few of the previous posts that were lost. Thank you to Archive.org and Google. More to come when I have a minute. Still missing one radio station on that page.

Update: Just added the missing radio station to the Radio page. I was also able to add a few more of the older posts.


Thanks to the advice of the support people at Earthlink.  I accidently deleted all of the database files for this site.  Didn’t have a backup.  So I’ve got to rebuild the site from scratch.  It may take me a little while to get things back to where they were.  Please be patient.  :)