KSPU, Rock Zone and a New Video

KSPU in Seattle, Washington has added “Want Too Much” to their rotation! We’re up to 20 Stations for Black & White!

Alan Ovington is going to play “Want Too Much” on his show Rock Zone tonight! He might also play the station I.D. that I recorded yesterday for him. :)

I finally finished the video that I’ve been working on for “King.” Nothing fancy, just something to look at while the music plays. Watch it here.

Seattle, WA

Alan Ovington
The Rock Zone
103.6 Tameside Radio
Ashton Under Lyne, United Kingdom
Airs tonight at 6:00 p.m. GMT which is 1:00 p.m. EST.

Ruby Slippers, Twitter, Station IDs

So, I finally got around to joining Twitter yesterday. I have exactly one follower. Still figuring out how it works, so if you follow me, please be patient. :)

I recorded a station ID for Alan O at Tameside Radio this morning. This is the second ID that I’ve ever recorded. The first was for Ozone at WHRW a few years ago. Listen to Alan’s Rock Zone Saturday and you just might hear it!

Looks like Carol B is going to play “Want Too Much” on her show Ruby Slippers tonight. Tune in! Details below.

Carol B
Ruby Slippers
CIUT 89.5 FM
Toronto, Canada
Airs tonight at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Huetensil on the Active Rock Chart Twice! (Sort of)

O.K., I’m not sure that I know exactly how this works, but it looks like I charted on MediaBase’s Active Rock chart on Feb. 17 twice! My song “King” ranked 440 and my recording of “She’s Not There” was a couple of slots below that at 444! Crazy! :) Pink Floyd’s “Ebb and Flow” was at 467 and Alice in Chains’ “Phantom Limb” was at 476.

MediaBase’s charts are published in USA Today as well as other places. Usually charts are published weekly and only the top 100 (or 40) are listed. I wasn’t on the published chart because I was too far down the list and only managed to be on it for one day. Still, it’s kind of neat that I managed to get on there at all. :)

Black & White on 19 Stations!

As of this morning, songs from my forthcoming album “Black & White” have aired on 19 stations! The following stations have recently added “Want Too Much” to their rotation.

Dr. Rock’s Medicine Show
Omaha, Nebraska

San Diego, CA