Here we are in June and I’ve missed the deadline that I set for myself. I have gotten almost all of the bass guitars recorded and I’ve started recording the vocals, but nothing is ready to mix just yet. So unfortunately, I’ve got nothing new for you to listen to. :(

Time to get my single featuring the songs “Voulez-Vous” and “She’s Not There” is running out. Because of the way that the licensing works for these songs, they will only be available for a couple of more months. If you haven’t gotten your copies yet, you’ve got a little more time, but not much. Get them from Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play and iTunes.

New Songs in the Works

Well, what started off as an attempt to write and record a couple of new Huetensil songs has grown considerably. It looks like I may have an album on my hands! (I’m pretty excited.) :) I started recording about a month ago. Most of the guitars are done as well as the programming for the drums. I’m currently trying to learn to play bass guitar for these recordings, but it’s slow going. Still, I hope to have something for you to listen to by June or July. Maybe sooner.