Kudos for Nothin’

DJ Maggie of KUMM 89.7 FM posted the following to Twitter after playing my song Nothin’ on her show…

“Fun fact. Nothin’ by Huetensil is the best song that has ever been on KUMM’s new music circuit or ever will be.”

Thank you Maggie! Be sure to check out her show, Lemon Time, on KUMM.

Maggie Caplan
Lemon Time
Tuesday at noon CDT
KUMM 89.7 FM
Morris, Minnesota

NYS Music and Police Gazette Reviews

I’ve just added two reviews of Black & White to the reviews page. Greg Jackson’s review was just published yesterday. It’s an in depth look at the album, songs and the work that went into making it.

The Police Gazette review came out February 10. It’s more of an overview of the album. Check them both out!

Thanks for listening,

Jam City Interview & Best of 2013!

Tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. Central Standard Time, Missy D. of Jam City America is going to interview me on her show. She’ll also be featuring a few of my recordings. They stream so tune in!

Also, Bobby G. of WCWP 88.1 FM has named my recording of “She’s Not There” one of the Best of 2013 Releases! Thanks Bobby G!