Hearing Aide:  Huetensil ‘Black and White’
“One thing is certain, Huetensil’s dexterity, whether vocally or lyrically is masterful, he switches easily to falsetto, not losing strength or bite.” – Greg Jackson, NYS Music
Greg Jackson’s review of my album, Black & White, appeared on the NYS Music web-site on April 7, 2015.

Huetensil Releasing New Album March 3rd
“Hugh has vocal chops and style in spades; one of those singers who keeps surprising in a good way.  And all of the songs on this album are well crafted, nicely balancing the various elements.” – The National Police Gazette
This review of my album, Black & White, appeared on The National Police Gazzette web-site on February 10, 2015.

Forget your utensil; all you need is Huetensil
“You may catch yourself head banging…” – Elias Albert, The Blazer
Elias Albert’s review of my album, Black & White, appeared on The Blazer web-site on April 11, 2015.

Huetensil – Voulez-Vous / She’s Not There
“Huetensil goes from regular singing voice to falsetto to absolutely ass-kicking screaming flawlessly, effortlessly, seamlessly.” – Ozone in the AM, The Police Gazette
Ozone in the AM’s review of my single, Voulez-Vous / She’s Not There, appeared on The Police Gazette web-site on November 1, 2013.

Huetensil – Maybe It’s Time
“[Wygmans' voice] swoops and soars and whines and pulls delicious little melodies out of thin air. It can be whiny or gruff, tender or dull. It’s nuanced in an unschooled way, and above all else, emotionally engaging…” – Sid Sibley, In Your Speakers
Sid Sibley’s review of my E.P., Maybe It’s Time, appeared on the In Your Speakers web-site on May 15, 2013.