New Single Released Today!

I just released my latest two songs “Last Night” and “Maybe It’s Time!”

The first song, “Last Night,” is an alternative rock song about Leah Scapehouse, a young woman trying to figure out where she belongs in the world. “Maybe It’s Time” is an indie pop rock song that’s also a modern protest song. It chronicles the slow but steady erosion of rights and protections by government and asks the question, “Is it time to change things?”

Check them out and go get ‘em. They’re free! :)

Thanks for listening.

New Single Released Today

I’ve been hard at work on a couple of new songs and they’ve just been released today! Go check them out! :)

“Wake Me Up” is a punk rock song that tells a disturbing story of a person who appears to be in a coma. It’s an analogy for people who refuse to give up. In contrast, the indie pop song “Fear and Longing” is more of an emotional piece. Here I’ve tried to illicit turmoil, uncertainty and violence.

New Huetensil Single Released Today!

I’ve just finished work on my latest single which was a fun little project for me. I’m making it available for free from my BandCamp web-page. It features two songs which my Grandfather wrote in the 1930′s. ”Singin’ on the Levy” and “Or Isn’t this a Dream.” I gave the first a bit of a Queen twist!

You can check them out below. To download the songs you will need to provide a valid e-mail address and postal code which will be added to the Strange Hues mailing list. Enjoy!

Thanks for listening!
~ Huetensil