Huetensil in Rotation on 11 Stations!

Below is a list of the eleven stations that currently have one of my songs in their rotation. That means that you can tune in anytime and you might hear me! Check them out, they play some great stuff!

Station Stream City Country
Catorweb Radio  Stream Milano Italy
Dr. Rock’s Medicine Show  Stream Omaha, Nebraska U.S.
Globe Concert  Stream Glen Falls, New York U.S.
KCR  Stream San Diego, California U.S.
KSPU  Stream Seattle, Washington U.S.
Localized  Stream Florida U.S.
Radio DePaul  Stream Chicago, Illinois U.S.
Rocker’s Dive Radio  Stream Webster, Wisconsin U.S.
Steel 93  Stream Vernon, New Jersey U.S.
Vinyl Dynasty  Stream Philadelphia, Pennsylvania U.S.
WFAQ 92.9 FM  Stream Mukwonago, Wisconsin U.S.

Black & White on 19 Stations!

As of this morning, songs from my forthcoming album “Black & White” have aired on 19 stations! The following stations have recently added “Want Too Much” to their rotation.

Dr. Rock’s Medicine Show
Omaha, Nebraska

San Diego, CA


New Huetensil Single Getting Air Play Before Release

I’ve got a new single coming out on Thursday October 31, 2013. It features covers of two songs, but I’m not telling anyone what those songs are just yet. However, you can tune in to the following stations to hear them and discover what they are before the official release date. :)

Dr. Rock has already aired one of the songs on his station Dr. Rock’s Medicine Show. Adam is going to start featuring the songs on his station Steel 93 tomorrow. Ozone is going to feature at least one of the songs on his show on WHRW 90.5 FM tomorrow morning. He goes on the air at 7:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time. WHRW streams, so you can tune in if you’d like. If fact all of the stations stream, so check them out!

Thanks for listening!