ES On the Radio @ Noon!

HCR 1386 has added my song Nothin’ to their rotation! Woot! Also, Jamm’n Jay will be playing Executioner’s Song today on her show Ladies of I-SIS which starts today at noon EST. Tune in!

HCR 1386
Halesowen, United Kingdom

Jamm’n Jay
Ladies of I-SIS
I-SIS Radio
Oceanside, New York

Jay’s show airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon EST.

Last Night on HCR 1386 AM

So, I’ve just been dinking around on my computer for the past hour or so. Updating things here and there. Reading my e-mails. While doing that, I’ve been tuned into HCR 1386 AM broadcasting to Halesowen in the United Kingdom. Almost fell out of my chair when my song “Last Night” came on the air. So weird and good to be here listening to them over there and hear me! :)