Here we are in June and I’ve missed the deadline that I set for myself. I have gotten almost all of the bass guitars recorded and I’ve started recording the vocals, but nothing is ready to mix just yet. So unfortunately, I’ve got nothing new for you to listen to. :(

Time to get my single featuring the songs “Voulez-Vous” and “She’s Not There” is running out. Because of the way that the licensing works for these songs, they will only be available for a couple of more months. If you haven’t gotten your copies yet, you’ve got a little more time, but not much. Get them from Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play and iTunes.

Two More Stations Play Huetensil!

That brings my latest release to 35 confirmed stations!

For those of you who get my newsletter, you already know that I stopped promoting my latest songs to radio back in mid-November. However, I expect/hope :) that a few more will continue to trickle in.

Last night, Norma Jean featured Huetensil, along with several other bands, on her show “The Crazy Train.” The show airs on Thursday evenings at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on The Red Eye Radio Network.

Also, Sonic Pirate is adding Huetensil to their rotation starting in January.

I’ve added links to the top of the column at the right that will take you to where you can buy my recordings of “Voulez-Vous” and “She’s Not There.” If you like ‘em, go get ‘em! :)

Thanks for listening,

New Review & Other Misc Stuff

I just realized that I haven’t actually posted my new recordings here so I’m rectifying that now. :)

I’ve also added them to the top of the Listen page where you can listen to all of the songs that I’ve worked on as Huetensil.

There’s a new review of my latest recordings that was published back on November 1 in The National Police Gazette. In it, Ozone in the AM reviews both songs from my latest single and a new song from the band Mobday. So I’ve created a new Reviews page where I’ll post all of the reviews that I get as Huetensil.

Have a fun and safe holiday season! Happy New Year!

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Airs on WHFR & Charts on WONY

Phil Maq just let me know that he’ll be playing a little Huetensil on his show Theme Attic this morning. It airs at 10:00 a.m. to Noon on WHFR 89.3 FM in Dearborn, Michigan. Not in Dearborn? They stream so you can still tune in.

Also in Huetensil radio news, “Voulez-Vous” charted in the top ten on WONY‘s CMJ metal chart last week!

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