Kudos for Nothin’

DJ Maggie of KUMM 89.7 FM posted the following to Twitter after playing my song Nothin’ on her show…

“Fun fact. Nothin’ by Huetensil is the best song that has ever been on KUMM’s new music circuit or ever will be.”

Thank you Maggie! Be sure to check out her show, Lemon Time, on KUMM.

Maggie Caplan
Lemon Time
Tuesday at noon CDT
KUMM 89.7 FM
Morris, Minnesota

132 Stations in 6 Countries!

Hello! Like the title says, songs from my album Black & White have been played on 132 stations in six countries! I’m super excited! :)

You can check out teasers from the entire album on the player below.

Thanks for listening,